1. What is an Affiliate?

    An affiliate is someone who partners with TurboSneaker to promote our rad sneakers.

  2. Get a Custom Link

    You’ll get a unique link to share on your blog, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Email etc.

  3. Earn Commissions

    When your followers click your link and buy fire kicks, you earn a 10% start commission, ka-ching!

  4. Commission Rates

    The more sneakerheads you refer to TurboSneaker, the more you earn in commissions, up to 10-20%!

  5. Access New Product Info

    You’ll gain access to inside deets on upcoming launches to create hype content.

  6. Get Promo Resources

    We’ll hook you up with banners, videos, and creatives to spice up your promo game.

  7. Track Performance

    Track your stats in real-time to see what posts send sales soaring.

  1. Sign up as an affiliate

    Sign up to become a TurboSneaker member through the Affiliate Area. The sign up process usually takes 24-48 hours for review. You’ll receive an official email from TurboSneaker once approved.

  2. Grab your custom affiliate link

    Log in to your affiliate account in the affiliate area and get your unique promotional link in the affiliate dashboard.

  3. Pick your promo methods

    Feel free to share via content, recommendations, in-app drops, etc.

  4. Test and track

    Make sure your link works before publishing. Monitor visits and sales.

  5. Boost that conversion rate

    Try different approaches to drive more clicks and sales based on what works best. Hit us up for any additional assets!

  6. Earn sweet commissions

    You get a 10%-20% commission on any sales generated through your affiliate link. Cha-ching!

  7. Get paid

    Payouts are on the 25th of each month, money in your account within 7 business days usually. Holler if any payout issues!